Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Makeup Forever Magnetic Palettes!

When I got home today I was very excited to see a package waiting for me at my door. Yes it was my MUFE empty palettes which I ordered last Thursday! How exciting. I also politely asked for some MUFE HD samples with my order and roughly specified the colour I was looking for and they very generously gave me two sample pots filled with the foundation which I absolutely can not wait to try!

I am super impressed with many aspects of this purchase. Firstly Media Makeup Academy store in Adelaide processed my order very quickly. It was also extremely well packed and didn't have a single scratch on it when it arrived. I was also excited when I received them because it meant I could FINALLY organise all my pans and keep them safe!

But apart from the great service I was also happy that they are only $25 per palette which is pretty good! They are also HUGE in size....I don't have a ruler with me right now but I'm talking in between 25-30 cms in length and about 15-20 in height. They are also quite deep so your pans stay safe and protected and they have a plastic cover you can put over your pans to protect them. 

They are made out of metal as opposed to MAC and some other palettes which are plastic. It's also important to note that these are what I like to refer to as 'freedom' palettes, meaning there are no pan holders so you can put what you want where you want and can have a range of different shape/sized shadows in them. 

I can't really fault this product apart from the fact because it IS metal it will most likely eventually dint/scratch unless you are super careful with it at all times. 

I posted in my recent post relating to ordering these palettes how I was also contemplating the Z-palette. I am glad I went with the MUFE ones as they are bigger and I feel more sturdy. The other major difference is this one doesn't have a window in it, which doesn't really bother me as I can label the palettes if I feel the need. So if you are looking for a window then go with the Z-palettes. If you want something bigger and more sturdy and don't care for the plastic window then go for the MUFE ones (they are also cheaper!)

I will post pictures of the inside once I fill these babies up and get all the colours organise in colour orders. 

Here are some pictures of the samples of the MUFE HD samples I got, I must admit I was super impressed with how these photos came out, the colour is very accurate, which is lucky because I am an amateur photographer. When I asked for samples I said I would like 'a fairly light neutral and/or slightly yellow based colour, similar to MAC NC20' I haven't tried them on my face yet but the colours look exactly that! The #140 on the right is fairly light but with slight pink undertones (think MAC NW20 but with not so much pink ) and the #120 is fairly light with slight yellow undertones (think MAC NC20 or NARS sheer glow in between Deauville and Fiji - the depth of Fiji but with a bit less yellow). Both are not super pale but looking at the Sephora website they still have a good amount of shades lighter then these ones! 

#140 on the left and #120 on the right. 
I did not intentionally mean for this picture to look like boobs I swear! haha.

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mandstar87 said...

Haha foundation pots masquerading as boobies, love it!

Can't wait to see photos of the insides once they're done, I'm curious to see how they turn out. I'm a neat freak so I've always bought palettes with pan holders.